Crestwood's Community Response Plan

Over the past eight years, US Salt and Crestwood representatives have met with local winery owners, hotel operators, merchants and elected officials, as well as our employees and many others to discuss our proposal to store propane at US Salt.

Although the rhetoric around our propane storage project can get loud at times, we have over the years taken to heart the feedback we’ve received in order to shape our plans around the needs and concerns of the community we share.

In order to fully address the major concerns about our propane storage facility, Crestwood has crafted a package of project modifications that address (and are supported by) numerous conversations with local officials, business and civic leaders, landowners and environmentalists. We have notified the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation of our proposed modifications, which will significantly reduce the scale and impact of our storage proposal. Specifically, the project modifications include:

  1. Reducing the facility’s proposed storage capacity by almost 30%, from 2.1 million barrels to 1.5 million barrels;
  2. Storing only propane in the proposed storage caverns;
  3. Eliminating the proposed brine pond on the east (lakeside) of Route 14; and
  4. Removing the rail and truck components, which means propane will come into and leave the proposed storage facility only by pipeline.
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This plan is collaborative, proven and shovel ready. By stripping the project down to its bare essentials, Crestwood has done its part to advance a proposal that can be supported by local communities and residents call Governor Cuomo at 518-474-8390 and tell him that enough is enough – it’s time to support Crestwood’s community-driven proposal.

If you have questions, comments or concerns about our plans, we remain available to talk with you

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