Crestwood’s Community Response

Dear Schuyler County Residents,

Although the talk about US Salt and Crestwood’s LPG project can get loud at times, we have been listening.

For nearly eight years, US Salt/Crestwood representatives have been meeting with our neighbors and civic leaders to understand how to shape our business around the needs and concerns of the community we share.

From talking with winery owners, hotel operators, local merchants and elected officials, to our dedicated employees on the US Salt plant floor, we’ve gotten a wide range of feedback about the idea reopening propane storage at US Salt. We appreciate your candor and willingness to speak with us.

And even though Gas Free Seneca representatives repeatedly refused our invitation to meet in-person or to tour our facilities, we listened to what they had to say, too.

It is absolutely clear that all of us want a strong local economy and a healthy environment. We want low taxes, clean water, good paying jobs and a thriving tourism industry. We also understand that many of you also want the protests to stop.

To fully address the major concerns about our proposed propane storage facility, Crestwood has worked with your elected officials to develop a Community Response Plan that significantly reduces the scale of our proposal. Specifically, we have notified the Schuyler County Legislature and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation that we have agreed to the following concessions:

1.     Reducing storage capacity by 29%, from 2.1 million barrels to 1.5 million barrels.

2.     Elimination of the proposed brine pond on the lakeside of Rt. 14.

3.     Removal of the entire rail component as a transporter of gas.

4.     Removal of the entire truck component as a transporter of gas.

5.     Limit the proposed storage capacity to only propane.

6.     Crestwood will financially support community initiatives to monitor and improve Seneca Lake water quality.

Even at this smaller scale, Crestwood’s investment will strengthen Schuyler County by ensuring the preservation and smart growth of the Finger Lakes industrial base, which is a significant year-round employer and taxpayer in the region. Propane consumers locally and across New York State will still benefit from having access to more reliable and affordable fuel.

We are doing our part to make sure that Crestwood continues to be an active and engaged corporate citizen. Our plan is collaborative, proven and shovel ready. But in order to break ground, Governor Cuomo and the DEC need to hear from you!

Tell the Governor you support Crestwood’s Community Response Plan
by calling: 518-474-8390