Residents and businesses representing hundreds of thousands of 
New Yorkers support our project. 


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Thank you to all of our supporters.

Agencies and Officials


Phil Barnes, Member, Schuyler County Legislature
Dennis Fagan, Chair, Schuyler County Legislature

Former New York State Senator Maziarz
State Assemblyman Peter Lopez
John Saeli, Councilman, Town of Varick
Ron Serven, Seneca County Supervisor

Town of Reading
Schuyler County
U.S. Congressional Representatives
U.S. Department of Energy
Walt Prouty, Seneca County Supervisor

Businesses and Organizations

Able Electrical Services
A.C. Howell Corp.
Andrew R. Mancini Associates
Associated Builders & Contractors

Associated General Contractors
     of New York

All Gas Welding Supply Co.
Aloi Materials Handling

AmeriGas Massachusetts 
Architectural Concrete Plus
Atlantic Bottle Gas Co. 
Austin Construction
Austin Excavating and Paving

Aux Sable
B&H Rail Corp.
Benedict Machine Company
Balland Fence Company

Barney Moravec, Inc. 
Bath Auto Parts
Bath Plumbing and Hardware
Blue Flame Gas 

Blue Light Energy
Blueox Corporation
Bonded Concrete
Campbell Building Supply
C.E. Kiff Inc. 
Champion Fasteners
Charlie Burnham Energy Service
Chili Gas Inc. 
Chenango Contracting

C.T. Male Associates
Clark Equipment Rental
The Clementine Group
Combined Energy Services
Commercial Driver Training
Community Care Network of Nichols
Construction Materials Association
Co-operative Feed Dealers
Coots Concrete

The Council of Industry
Crickler Vending

D.F. Brandt, Inc. 
Dimension Fabricators, Inc. 
Disanto Propane
Daniels Oil Company
Dunkirk Flavors
Durkin Propane
DRC Associates
E & V Energy Company
Earth Energy Consultants
East Coast Railroad Services
Efco Products
Ehrhart Propane
Enterprise Products
Environmental & Fueling Systems
Estabrook Corp. 
Evans Roofing Company
Ferrario Auto Team 

Finger Lakes Railway
Fisher Associates

Forkey Fabrication Inc.
Frank Lill & Son
G.A. Bove & Sons
Gear Motions, Inc.  

Gold Star Feed and Grain
Goodrich Auto Works
Gorick Construction Co.
Graham's LP Gas
Gypsum Systems
Halco Energy
Halstead Quinn

Hanson Aggregates New York
Heritage Energy
Highland Tank
I.D. Booth & Booth Electrical Supply
Independent Oil & Gas Association
Irish Companies
J & J Coots Contracting

JM Trucking & Excavating
J. Tortorella Heating & Gas
J.S. Miller Associates
Jayson Gas Service

Jeff's On-Site Services
John's Gas Service
John Mills Electric, Inc.
Johnny Ray and Sons
K.J. Electric
Knapp & Schlappi Lumber
Kimlin Propane

Kurtz Truck Equipment
Lakelands Concrete Products, Inc. 
Lakeside Engineering
Landcaster Development
Larry's Latrines

Larabee Fuel Co. 
Lehigh Railway
Livonia, Avon & Lakeville Railroad Corp  
Levene Gould & Thompson
Linden's Transportation
LMC Industrial Contractors, Inc.
Longhouse Lodge
Longhouse Manor

Longwell Lumber
LP Transportation, Inc. 
Luzerne and Susquehanna Railway
Main-Care Energy
Manufacturers Association
     of Central New York

Marktec Products
Matco Electric Corp.
McIntosh Box & Pallet Co. 
Mercer Milling Company
Meridien Energy, LLC
MHD Solutions
Milherst Construction

Milton CAT
Mirabito Energy
MJ Ward & Son
Morfab, Inc. 
Mr. Rooter Plumbing

Mulhern Gas Services
Munroe Vineyards
MX Petroleum Corp.
Natrium Products
National Propane Gas Association
National Vacuum Corp.

New York Propane Gas Association
Nelcorp Electrical Contracting Corp. 
New York Farm Bureau
NGL Supply Terminals Company
Nolan Propane
Norfolk Southern
Northeast Agribusiness and Feed Alliance

Norwich Implement, Inc.
NV5 Holdings, Inc. (AK Environmental)
O'Connell Electric Company
Osweiller Bros. Equipment
Over & Under Piping Contractors
Package Pavement
Pallet Services Inc.
Palmer Gas

Paraco Gas Corp
Peckham Materials Corp
Peoples Energy Group
Phelps Sungas
Pleasant Valley Electric

Porco Energy
Postler & Jaeckle Mechanical Contractors

Power-Con Inc.
PRO-DOT Consulting, LLC
Prouty Farm Supply
Propane Gas Association of New England
R & L Perry Construction 
Ray Murray, Inc.
RB Development 
R.B. Robinson
Reale Construction Co 
Regional Economic Development Council
     of the Southern Tier 

Riccelli Enterprises
Rifenberg Companies
Rock Stream Vineyards
Ron Serven Farm 
Roto Salt Company
The Rural Gas Company
S.E.W. Contracting, Inc.
Saeli Farm
Saeli Implement
Salerno Packaging Inc. 
Schulyer and Chemung
     Central Labor Council

Scott Smith & Son
SCT Computers
Seneca County Farm Bureau
Sid Harvey's
Silicon Carbide Products
Silk Road Transport

Silverback Consulting
Silverline Construction 
Smith Gas Liquids Company

SMX Fuel
SOS Xtreme Comfort
Southern Tier Economic Growth (STEG)
Star Gas Partners, LP
St. Albans Cooperative Creamery
Steuben Auto Service
     Central Labor Council

Steuben Sporting Goods
Stewart P Wilson
Suburban Propane
Superior Energy

Swagelok Western New York
Swarthouts Recycling
Taylor Propane
Tarantin Industries
The Owego and Harford Railway, Inc.
Thompson & Johnson Equipment
Tim Duffek Contractors

Tioga County Industrial
     Development Agency

Tioga State Bank
T.J. Marquart & Sons
Tompkins County Farm Bureau
Tower Roofing Co.
TransTech Energy
Trojan Energy Systems

Turnkey Control Solutions, Inc.
United Steelworkers
Unshackle Upstate
Valley Energy

Vantage Equipment
Varacalli Transportation Group
Veteran's Fastener Supply Corp.
Villager Motel
Village Shores Marina
Wadhams Enterprises, Inc. 
Warners Gas Service

Watkins Glen Supply 
Yankee Propane
Zemak Farms

Residents and Consumers

Thousands of New York residents have sent messages to Governor Cuomo and the DEC in support of the project. In addition, over 750 Finger Lakes residents have signed a petition circulated by the United Steelworkers union. 

Aaron Rayburn
Adam Geedy
Adam Hodge
Agnes Lujan
Al Knapp
Alan Marsh
Alan Rush
Alan Scott
Alan Whitney
Alexander Scott
Alfonso Ortiz
Alfred Foote
Alfred Jerry Kordsmeier
Alfred Smith
Alice Supa
Alisha Dundee
Allen Bulkley
Allison Fisher
Amanda Brown
Amanda Cox
Amanda Porter
Amanda Stock
Amber Myers
Amber Padilla
Amber Potts
Amber Spehar
Amos Kitner
Amy Bruette
Amy Cole
Amy Lafitte
Amy Marker
Amy Tatlock

Andre May
Andrea Perron
Andrew Burik
Andrew Jarnagin
Andrew Johnson
Andrew Miller
Andrew Simon
Andy Fellman
Angel Torres
Angela Curtis
Angela Trager
Angelo Sisto
Anita R Morin
Ann Hull
Ann Laczak
Ann Rowan
Ann St. John
Anne Depalmo
Annette & Richard Grano
Annette Kennett
Annette Leader
Anthony Peca
Anthony Pimpinella
Anthony Shenk
Anthony Tavelli
Antonio Marciano
Aravindakshan Sreedharan
Arnold  Hughes
Arthur Burns
Arthur Rider
Arthur Robinson
Ashleigh Hanna
Ashley Thompson
Aubree Barbosa
Aubrey Thiriot
Austin Gurney
Barbara Akins
Barbara Kazyaka
Barbara Nelson
Barbara Reese
Barlow Rhodes
Barry Gordon
Beatrice Rano
Becky Treadwell
Becky Wilson
Belem Chavira
Benjamin Guzzi
Benjamin Margolius
Benjamin Scuteri
Bethanie Pramann
Bethany Doyon
Betty Montano
Bianca Dixon
Bill Bickford
Bill Card
Bill Gjonbalaj
Bill Karkheck
Bill Meisner
Bill Phillips
Bill Swift
Bill Vargason
Bill Wiest
Blake Hobi
Bob Aman
Bob Anderson
Bob Haynes
Bob Held
Bob Luce
Bob Stalder
Bobbi Strong
Bobby Hensley
Bonnie Fickas
Bonnie Martin
Bonnie Mead
Boyd Mcgathey
Brad Bacon
Brad Breisch
Brad Hamilton
Brad Lytle

Brad Messenger
Brad Schmidt
Brad Smith
Bradley Chubb
Bradley Madigan
Brandan Vadner
Brandi Alfaro
Brandi Smith
Brandi Torre
Brandon Mischke
Brenda Jones
Brendan Kenny
Brent Harmon
Brett Carner
Brian & Norma Webster
Brian Adkinson
Brian Arnold
Brian Conover
Brian Finley
Brian Freeth
Brian Jones

Brian King
Brian Koenig
Brian Lucia
Brian Mater
Brian Morris
Brian Numrich
Brian Reeds
Brian Scofield

Brian Slaybaugh
Brian Terrell
Bridget Nolan
Brock Adkins
Bruce Bookhout
Bruce Miner
Bruce Taylor
Bryan Heath
Bryan Storm
Bryce Ressler
Burard Walling
Byron Mackey
Caitlin Fitzgerald
Cammie Simmons
Carl Olausson
Carmellitta Bland
Carmen Debellis
Carmen George
Carmen Jalbuena
Carol Baalmann
Carol Chapman
Carol Gailloux
Carol Hosinger
Carol Sumpter
Carol Trusky
Carol Vargason
Carole Cole Wood
Carolyn Ainsworth
Casey Cramton
Casey Engelstad
Cassy Woolley
Catherine Bennett
Catherine Odlivak
Cathy Pecina
Cedric Yoder
Chad Burns
Chad Hanyon
Chad Hanyon
Charles Baker
Charles Brown
Charles Burge
Charles Burnham
Charles Carpenter
Charles Gauss
Charles Havel
Charles Ory
Charles Wells
Charles Wilson
Charlie Schuster
Chelsea Deeney
Chelsea Knight
Cherie Alfred
Cheryl Anderson
Cheryl Basham
Cheryl Bronson
Cheryl Dixon
Cheryl Latta
Cheryl Martin
Cheryl Owen
Chet Nawrocki
Chip Siskey
Chris Banyas
Chris Defilippo
Chris English
Chris Hamilton
Chris Hartley
Chris Mcguire
Chris Mckinney
Chris Pelto

Christian Schlotterbeck
Christina Levingston
Christina Pearson
Christina Scott
Christine Altieri
Christine Leonard
Christine Penicaro
Christine Snowaert
Christopher Berry
Christopher Reilly
Christopher Rickell
Christy Everitt
Cj Travis
Clair Gunning
Clara Gilbert
Clare Honnold
Claudette Townsend
Clay Hedges
Cliff Minuth
Clifford Spencer
Clifton Ray
Clint Kellogg
Cody Lakomy
Colette Jones
Colette Trammell
Colleen Somers
Collin Hill
Connie Davis
Connie Henry
Connie Wells
Constance Falanga
Corey Anderson
Corey Depinet
Cory Frerichs
Cory Gielarowski
Craig Blomquist
Craig Boyd
Craig Davisson
Craig Ferguson
Craig Jochum
Craig Voiles
Crystal Bissonnette
Crystal Crews
Crystal Foster

Curt Weinstein
Cynthia Fisher
Cynthia Halligan
Cynthia Weigel
D Woodward
Dale Fayerweather
Dale Gummer
Dale Henderson
Dale Martin
Dale Rosser
Damon Carrasco
Dan Balmer
Dan Becker
Dan Thompson
Dan Waller
Dana Guay
Dana Keiser
Dana Knowles
Dana Pettit
Daneen Phillips
Daniel Brown
Daniel Bruinsma
Daniel Davidson
Daniel Eaton
Daniel Fitzpatrick
Daniel Fitzsimmons
Daniel Gagnon
Daniel Heyer
Daniel Kirby
Daniel Powers
Daniel Pray
Daniel Vadner
Daniel Westendorf
Daniel Woodruff
Daniel Zotter
Danielle Besley
Daniya Ellis
Dann Lepper
Danny Gates
Danny Rokicki
Darla Stalder
Darryl Cook
Dave Baumgard
Dave Bennette
Dave Foland
Dave Johnson

David Atwood
David Austin
David Ballard
David Bertelsen
David Breeden
David Brown
David Cooper
David Crea
David Fisher
David Gable
David Hebert
David J /Katharine Holsopple
David Keene
David Kline
David Marcotte
David Marshall
David Mcdaniels
David Mcguire
David Ouellette
David Parker
David Perazone
David Perotto
David Peters
David Pruden
David Rasmussen
David Roetzer
David Rogers
David Shepherd
David Sidle
David Teeter
David True
David Wallace
David Warpus
David Webb
David Woodruff
David Wormuth
Davion Cyrus
Dawn Comperchio
Dean Conley
Dean Eklund
Dean Flynn
Dean Foss
Dean Howes
Dean Nicholson
Dean Thompson
Dean Wightman
Deanna Romine
Deanna Sherman
Debbie Rinetti
Debbie Snyder
Debbie Wade
Debora Getz
Deborah Baldwin
Deborah Cashatt
Deborah Mcclanahan
Deborah Riff

Deborah Toth
Debra Conklin
Deidra Magee
Deirdre Daily
Dejan Andrejic
Dell Boyle
Delmar Law
Delroy Bendix
Delta Armtrout
Denis Gagne
Denise Cacace
Denise Ryan
Denise Whisman
Dennis Bolyard
Dennis Gregg
Dennis Moser
Dennis Prutsman
Dennis Thompson
Dennis Thompson
Dennis Toaspern
Dennis Wengert
Derek Quinlisk
Diana Burgess
Diane Hand

Diana Huske
Diana Wheelock
Diana Zlock
Diane Boeschen
Diane Corona
Diane Gill
Diane Schoolcraft
Diane Zunic
Dion Keyes
Dionne Kane
Dominick Mancini
Don Heman

Don Mccollett
Don Reese
Don Siegel
Donald Burnett
Donald Cutton
Donald Foster
Donald May
Donald Miller
Donald Mugglin
Donald Paquette
Donald Perry
Donald Romeo
Donald Stocum
Donald Sykes
Donna Hoover
Doris Moennich
Dorothy Ganton
Doug Auxier
Doug Muha
Doug Zarlenga
Douglas Baker
Douglas Debadts
Douglas Learn
Douglas Null
Douglas Plissey
Drew Hensler
Duane Hendershot
Duane Wakeman
Dustin Kuhlman
Ed Frenette
Ed Mulcahey
Edward Doohan
Edward Lamphear
Edward Loysch
Elah Perry
Elaine Reese
Elaine Swiler
Elizabeth Geller
Elizabeth Lathrop
Elvin Jeffrey
Elvin Thomas
Emily Reinstein
Enrique Arreguin
Epifano Valencia
Eric Arbanas
Eric Jacob
Eric Johnson
Eric Kruger
Eric Proctor
Erica Fisk
Erik Walker
Erin Freize
Erin Roehm
Erine Bodo
Esther Starkweather
Ethan Leet
Eugene Conklin
Eva Fitzsimmons
Evangeline Dyer
Evelyn Contro
Florence Jacobs
Florence Tucker
Floyd Bronson
Frances Laser
Frances Vandyke
Francesca Sullivan
Frank & Joanne Palmisano
Frank Chernega
Frank Herbage
Frank Hurley Iii
Frank Johnson
Frank Loyot
Frank Nachman
Frank Pastore
Frank Sabatini
Frank Smart
Fred Baumann
Fred Gaylord
Fred Wingate
Fred Woodbury
Frederick Poliziano
Gail Curnyn
Gail Wyre
Gary Bales
Gary Boisvert
Gary Bottemiller
Gary Chambers
Gary Corey
Gary Haines
Gary Kline
Gary Larrow
Gary Spear
Gary Sutton
Gary Thompson
Gary Thomson
Gavin Dinnel
Gene Murphy
Gene Williams
Genevieve Birkmire
Genevieve Wilson
Genista Rifenbark
Geno Rendon
George Finn
George Gunner
George Lees
George Overbaugh
George Pavlick
George Pribulick
George Prior
George Sharpe
Georgina Yazzie
Gerald Lillie
Gerald Morley
Gerard Kachmor
Gerry Tracy
Gina Hayden
Ginny Collins
Gladys Foote
Glen Jenkins
Glenda Reinshagen
Glenn Ellingford
Glenn Noble
Glenn Wead
Gordon Foster
Gordon Swarthout
Grace Cummings
Grant Truster
Greg Boon
Greg Howard
Greg Peake
Gregory Fracassini Sr
Gretchen Schlegel
Guy Schamel
Gwen Ross
Hal Hawkins
Harley Connelly
Harold Forney
Harold Garnsey
Harold Hoffmeier
Harry Hunt
Harry Rockwell
Heather Gordon
Heather Roland
Heather Van Gorder
Heidi Morse
Helen Kelly
Henry Scholtisek
Hilary Juedes
Hilary Morgan
Horace Vandyke
Howard Davis
Inge Grafe-Kieklak
Irene Williams-Wilson
Ivan Semenko
J C Mitchell
J.C. Robbins
Jack Herrold
Jackie Kriebs
Jackie L Quesinberry
Jackie La Barbera
Jacob Behrens
Jacqueline Gardner
Jacquelyn Adams
Jacquelyn Spartz
Jaime Hussey
Jamea Reagan
James & Barbara Guernsey
James Ainsworth
James And Patricia Yuill
James Brown
James Charles
James Enrico
James Fazzari
James J Ahern Jr
James J. Adesso
James Kapuschinsky
James McGrain
James Mondragon
James Morse
James Nichols
James Owens
James Risley
James Scott
James Sents
James Skalecki
James Smith
James Watson
James Willis
James Woughter
Jamie Bodine
Jamie Miller
Jamie Modlin
Jamie Thompson
Jan Niedfeldt
Jane James
Jane Kettner
Janet Mitchell
Janet Ryall
Janet Switzer
Janice Makoske
Janice Steere
Janie Prue
Jared Guerrero
Jason Foster
Jason Graaf
Jason Griffin
Jason Hammond
Jason Lewis
Jason Mullins
Jason Rappleye
Jason Robison
Jason Strawser
Jason Warner
Jay Jackson
Jay Read
Jaycee Chambers
Jean Voorheis
Jean Worden
Jeff Clark
Jeff Courtney
Jeff Hall
Jeff Heller
Jeff Magarian
Jeff Manter
Jeff Officer
Jeff Parker
Jeff Rothen
Jeff Suttles
Jeffrey Billups
Jeffrey Bollen
Jeffrey Hayes
Jeffrey Lamoreaux
Jeffrey Mangus
Jeffrey Mckillip
Jeffrey Nickerson
Jeffrey Robbins
Jena Lydiksen
Jenni Berard
Jenni Brown
Jennifer Dillon
Jennifer Norton
Jennifer Sargent
Jennifer Shaddock
Jenny Mateer
Jeremy Buss
Jeremy Glick
Jerome Lemley
Jerry Juenger
Jerry Molettiere
Jerry Stevenson
Jerry Swank
Jerry White
Jesse Bussard
Jesse Joseph
Jesse Pully
Jesse Watkins
Jessica Burke
Jessica Butler
Jessica Gibbons
Jessica Mudder
Jessica Palacios
Jessica Salt
Jessica Webb
Jessie Hood
Jesus Chavez
Jill Hood
Jill Janco
Jill Nelson
Jillian Hunt
Jim Ainsworth
Jim Gawricki
Jim Magrath
Jim Martin
Jim Mills
Jim Pender
Jim Pietkiewicz
Jim Schneidt
Jim Szymaniak
Jimmy Carter
Jimmy Cash
Jimmy Childs
Joan Booth
Joan Griffin
Joann Baker
Joanne Preble
Jody Ameden
Joe Condia Jr
Joe Gardner
Joe Kemmerer
Joe Pischke
Joe Rider
Joe Szeliga
Joe Trefethen
Joel Theis
John & Bonita Kunzman
John & Christine Saeli
John Alfano
John Arcangeli
John Boddy
John Caracciolo
John Connery
John Corcoran
John D Neuwerk
John Donaldson
John Farwell
John Grover
John Hakola
John Hill
John Horner
John Huber
John Hughes
John Kelly
John King
John Latin
John Lawson
John Lorgan
John Macdonald
John Macewen
John Morrison
John Munroe
John Palmer
John Pellizzi
John Petris
John Pyhtila
John Reynolds Iii
John Rider
John Robillard
John Russen
John Saraceno
John Senese
John Snover
John Sterner
John Sullivan
John W. Hakola, P.E.
John Ward
John Williams
John Wood
John Yates
John Young
John Zunic
Johnny Maddox
Jolene Pohle
Jon Boyer
Jon Favrow
Jon French
Jon Kammerer
Jon Ledermann
Jonathan Loeb
Jonathan Wasson
Joni Barrows
Joni Marek
Jorge Aguilera
Joseph Dessel
Joseph Howell
Joseph Krouse
Joseph Lucero
Joseph Matwiejow
Joseph Mckinnon
Joseph Owens
Joseph Palecki
Joseph Rose
Joseph Russell
Joseph Spiecker
Joseph Vondracek
Josephine Detar
Josh Orr
Josh Sorrells
Jovetta Davis
Joy Johnson
Joy Olson
Joyce Koller
Joyce Shaffer
Jt Lacombe
Judi Riley
Judy Ahrens
Judy Porr
Judy Sherrer
Julie Burghardt
Julie Butler

Julie Forck
Julie Jorgenson
Julie Lewis
Julie Meisner
Juliet Hendrix
June Packer
Justin Devaney
Justin Lovell
Justin Roberts
Kara Tucker
Karen Avery
Karen Ballard
Karen Dodson
Karen Harter
Karen Mackay
Karen Martin
Karen Orlowitz
Karen Rider
Karen Schacht
Karen Shuford
Karen Withrow
Kari Hissner
Karl Swisher
Karry Schupp
Katharine  Hughes
Katherine Durbin
Katherine Nelligan
Katherine Schoon
Kathleen Bitney
Kathleen Herbage
Kathleen Rhoads
Kathleen Underwood
Kathryn Freize
Kathryn Gainforth
Kathryn Lafountain
Kathy Calabrese Paugh
Kathy Ishmael
Kathy Lockwood
Kathy Nelson
Kathy Sheets
Kathy Smith
Kathy Thompson
Katie Gates
Katie Golby
Katie Monfre
Katie Toyne
Kaye Cower
Kayla Clark
Kaylee Schinn
Keith Mcmahan
Keith Skala
Kelley Crosby
Kellie Stratton
Kelly Able
Kelly Bosak
Kelly Kite
Kelly Schneikart
Kelly Vernon
Ken Birdsill
Ken Burnside
Ken Wesolowski
Kenneth Albrecht
Kenneth Berner
Kenneth Diaz
Kenneth Eldridge
Kenneth Krugaluk
Kenneth Leonard
Kenneth Pennypacker
Kenneth Thomsen
Kerry Asp
Kerry Fitzgerald
Kevin Harmon
Kevin Pearson
Kevin Snow
Kevin Swank
Kevin White
Keysha Clukey
Kim Johns
Kim Ondrusek
Kim Rasberry
Kim Villanueva
Kim Weiland
Kim Woodring
Kimberly Johnston
Kimberly Marek
Kimberly Quint
Kimmie Marler
Kirk Wehrle
Kirsten Barnes
Kirsten Matlock
Kirstie Griffis
Kris Austin
Kris Bibey
Kristen Gibbs
Kristi Grego
Kristin Springer
Kristine Lavender
Kristy Langtry
Krystal Harris
Krystyna Clark
Kurt Vonweinstein
Kyle Bush
Kyndyl Jones
Lance Fry
Lance Gregg
Lancey Wheaton
Lane Clute
Larry Joholske
Larry Mundy
Larry Schaefer
Larry Schaefer
Larry Smirh
Larry Stein
Laura Eckardt
Laura Peterson
Lauren M
Lauren Vernon
Laurie Angerman
Laurie Bell
Laurie Gatza
Lawrence Dykes
Lawrence Gorsuch
Lawrence Huntley
Lawrence Peloso
Lawrence Young
Lee Grohoski
Lee Jones
Lene Grigsby
Leona Sandusky
Leroy Youngs
Lesa Stott
Leslie Haller
Leslie Wilson
Levi Frisbie
Levi Ross
Lewis Hassinger
Lewis Vannederynen
Linda Bache
Linda Cornell
Linda Dill
Linda Martin
Linda Moore
Linda Peloquin
Linda Price
Linda St Cyr
Linda Valenta
Lindsey Hamner
Lindsey Mooneyham
Lindsy Hyer
Lionel Shepherd
Lisa Asher
Lisa Borgen
Lisa Itule
Lisa James
Lisa Johnson
Lisa Norton C/O Norton'S Gas
Lisa Robinson
Lisa Robinson
Lisa Young
Lisa Zuppas
Lister Owens
Lloyd Warren
Lora Merrell
Loralee Mattison
Loren Illsley
Loretta Shaw
Loretta Sullivan
Lori Benedetto
Lori Lainhart
Lori Mccarthy
Lori Plourde
Lou Ann Ouzts
Lt. Col. Micheal E. Mize
Lucie Veilleux
Lucille Galgan
Lukas Thomas
Lynn Wheaton
Lynna Miller
Mandy Emberton
Mandy Oriet
Manuel Martinez
Manuel Rodrigues
Marchie Diffendorf
Margaret Bittner
Margaret Cuomo
Margaret Herrick
Maria Dyer
Maria Wagner
Mariann Millan
Marie Chomiicz
Marilyn Granger
Marilyn Troester
Mark Altherr
Mark Crone
Mark Fuelling
Mark Gagnon
Mark O'Donal
Mark Pasche
Mark Pettis
Mark Ransco
Mark Saunders
Mark Scott
Mark Stilwell
Mark Tucker
Mark Wilcox
Marla Walls
Marsha Roark
Marshall Beecher
Marshall Hurd
Martha Couch
Martin Brockel
Martin Mchugh
Martin Nolan
Marty Heysham
Marty Walker
Marvin Mcnabb
Mary Ann Holowinko
Mary Bellew
Mary Boyle
Mary Darby
Mary Hendricks
Mary Hickey
Mary Hickey
Mary Huarte
Mary Lentz
Mary Moshier
Mary Murphy Harrison
Mary Nappa
Mary Philhower
Mary Yelmene
Matt Hanson
Matt Seward
Matthew Borden
Matthew Burns
Matty Follo
Maureen Barr
Maureen Stevens
Megan Winkel
Meghan Galvin
Melanie Ellis
Melanie Pickering
Melissa Ball
Melissa Gilbert
Melissa Hendricks
Melissa Loyot
Melissa Puckett
Melissa Spahr
Melynda Haynes
Merle Edington
Micah Redman
Michael Armour
Michael Begnaud
Michael Blencowe
Michael Boulden
Michael Dower
Michael Farmer
Michael Gilbert
Michael Hartung
Michael Hawker
Michael Hurney
Michael Koloski
Michael Lemire
Michael Lopresti
Michael Mayhew
Michael Notarfonzo
Michael Olin
Michael Pennington
Michael Rentmeester
Michael Robitaille
Michael Stamp
Michael Stasukevich
Michael Sutton
Michael Taylor
Michael Vanamburg
Michael Wood
Micheal Clark
Michele Thomas
Michelle Ashley
Michelle Duckworth
Michelle Gill
Michelle Hirschman
Michelle Laurendeau
Michelle Mattern
Michelle Plissey
Mike Butcher
Mike Cook
Mike Crawford
Mike Fenton
Mike Kolcun
Mike Leptuch
Mike Mcgowan
Mike Nevarez
Mindy Unger
Mitch Losak
Mitch Petersen
Mj Wenker
Monica Heguy
Monica Horr
Morgan Korhonen
Mrs Barcus
N'Gina Glover
Nadine Chounet
Nancy Coop
Nancy Moyer
Nancy Ritch
Nancy Roberts
Nathan Kolet
Neil Capolongo
Neil Vitale
Neil Walling
Nellie Broskin
Nicholas Dugo
Nichole Rockwell
Nick Sacchetti
Nick Warner
Nicole Bronson
Nicole Schaffer
Nikki Fennell
Nikki Schlaud
Norma Thompson
Norman Guerette
Norman Thompson
Owen Peacock
Pam Bennett
Pam Larson
Pamela Trank
Pat Giacomo
Patricia Ho
Patricia Selders
Patricia Silvey
Patricia Williams
Patrick Huffman
Patrick Hyer
Patsy Devore
Patti Chouinard
Patty Huddle
Paul Gardner Jr
Paul Gorman
Paul Haeder
Paul Halstead
Paul Harding
Paul Hoyt
Paul Kovacs
Paul Mcdermott
Paul Schofield
Paul Scozzafave
Paula Atkinson
Paula Ward
Peg Splaine
Peggy Rotert
Peggy Scott
Penny Bronson
Penny Broyles
Penny Temple
Perlita Elmer
Pete Gallant
Pete Lewis
Peter Battaglio
Peter Ferrell
Peter Mauric
Peter Wall
Philip Balantic
Philip Bisesto
Philip Davis
Philip Dion
Philip Flint
Philip Knapp
Philip Morehouse
Philip Smith
Phyllis Palmer
Phyllis Thompson
Pravin Bhutta
Rachel Gillespie
Rachel Graziano
Rachel Stephens
Ralph Cerciello
Ralph Hall
Ralph Kelsey
Ralph Lees
Randy Collier

Randy Daniel
Randy Middleton
Randy Neubecker
Randy Schott
Ray Galan
Ray Taylor
Ray& Diane Reilly
Raymond Durkin
Raymond Emery
Raymond Ergott
Raymond Kincaid
Rebecca Carpenter
Rebecca Sanchez
Rebecca Specchio
Reinaldo Neira
Renea Delong
Renette Whitehead
Rev. Dr. John Hill
Rhonda Countryman
Rhonda Ricard
Rhonda Riccio
Rich Moravec
Richard And Carol Quest
Richard Bell
Richard Brescia
Richard C Van Etten Sr
Richard Fogelson
Richard Gilmore
Richard Hunt
Richard Koppenaal
Richard Lattimer
Richard Lewis
Richard Moravec
Richard O'Neil
Richard Quest
Richard Reynolds
Richard Richtmyer
Richard Rowan
Rick Bruner
Rick Cordo
Rick Eggermont
Rick Fleming
Rick Hunt
Rick Kashmer
Rick O'Connor
Rick Warren
Rick Williams
Ricky Gorman
Rigoberto Venegas
Rion Ballmer
Rob Mizzoni
Rob Ragle
Rob Rano
Robert Ballas
Robert Barry
Robert Bellospirito
Robert Bowers
Robert Brase
Robert Ceppi
Robert Clark
Robert Clarke
Robert Clarke
Robert Cyr
Robert Demarco
Robert Dukeshire
Robert Edgett
Robert Ford
Robert Foster
Robert Gary Swarthout
Robert Glaser
Robert Howell
Robert Keibel
Robert Kent
Robert Lagge
Robert Main
Robert Mccormack
Robert Moore
Robert Nassar
Robert Noel
Robert Poloncic
Robert Raish Jr.
Robert Sherwood
Robert Turner
Robert Warner
Robert Zimmer
Robin Lewis
Robin Phillips
Robin Schaefer
Rod Whitmore
Roderick Prutsman
Rodney Cote
Rodney Hand
Rodney Malnoske
Roe Jensen
Roger Millen
Roger Moore
Roger Smith
Roland Purevich
Roman Sidyakin
Ron Andrews
Ron Boster
Ron Bruning
Ron Gallipeau
Ron Snyder
Ron Wunderlich
Ronald Gallipeau
Ronald Phillips
Ronald Tappan
Rosa Vigil
Rose Auld
Rosemary Gaylor
Roxanne Paquette
Roy Molesky
Roy Straka
Rufus Youngblood
Russell Jackson
Russell Pritting
Russell Vanzile
Ryan Avila
Ryan Claw
Ryan Kupka
Sally Dyer
Salvatore Labarbera
Samantha Berry
Sandra Davis
Sandra Dodd
Sandra Johnson
Sandra Smith
Sandra Stapleton
Sandra Stewart
Sandy Abbatiello
Sara Crawford
Sara Curtis
Sara Pabst
Sarah Knight
Sarah Lee
Sarah Sneed
Sarah Swenson
Scott Brin
Scott Brockelmeyer
Scott Calvin
Scott Campbell
Scott Campbell
Scott Deitchler
Scott Gaudet
Scott Hendershott
Scott Johnston
Scott Kimball
Scott Kurkoski
Scott Phelps
Scott Searles
Scott Terrill
Scott Zimmerman
Selisa Glick
Seth Murphy
Shannon Vrtiska
Shannyn Barone
Sharon Barnes
Sharon Lickteig
Shaun Quarles
Shaun Vandyke
Shauna Thomas
Shawn Brewer
Shawna Bullivant
Shea Hartle
Sheena Brueggemann
Sheldon Hibbard
Sherrie Ingle
Sherril Ross
Sherry Cahoon
Sheryl Chaousis
Shirley Martinez
Sonny Sutton
Stacey Rutherford
Staci Short
Stacy Baird
Stan Shaevitz
Stanley Bossick
Stanley Sielicki
Stephan Chase
Stephanie Cole
Stephanie Jochims
Stephanie Leake
Stephanie Pfenning
Stephanie Tetting
Stephen Grekin
Stephen Hayes
Stephen Herz
Stephen Kulawiak
Stephen Lemley
Stephen Miller
Stephen Stahl
Stephen Whit
Stephen Wilson
Steve Briggs
Steve Duncan
Steve Ferro
Steve Hadlick
Steve Jacobson
Steve Kahn
Steve Lafountain
Steve Martin
Steve Ruhlman
Steve Shaffer
Steve Strick
Steven Farnham
Steven Frederick
Steven Fry
Steven Gilbert
Steven Gill
Steven Hinds
Steven Holmes
Steven Larock
Steven Wahlen
Stevenn Loso
Stewart Hopper
Stewart Roth
Stout David
Stuart Pomeroy
Sue Hasty
Sue Hutchins
Susan Boyer
Susan Hale
Susan Macdonald
Susan Oakley
Susan Peritz
Susan Robbins
Susan Roemerman
Susan Springer
Suzanne Messina
Syndi Pike
Tami Simonson
Tammi Liebsch
Tammy Berdine
Tamria Zertuche
Tanya Jacobus
Tashina Dozier
Taylor Marolis
Ted Libby
Teddy Herron
Terese Barth
Terrence Healy
Terry Casbeer
Terry Gardner
Terry Grant
Theresa Foster
Theresa Rosno
Theresa Venezia
Thomas Booth
Thomas Branas
Thomas Bushart
Thomas Cole
Thomas Desalvo
Thomas Glosick
Thomas Gorman
Thomas Gossett
Thomas Gossweiler
Thomas Herbert
Thomas Kastrava
Thomas Parsley
Thomas Secondo
Thomas Spcier
Thomas Thorp
Thomas Ward Ii
Thomas Winn
Tia Battle
Tim Dillon
Tim Fitzsimmons
Tim Johnson
Tim Malikowski
Tim Sayers
Tim Sullentrup
Tim Weisser
Timothy Brown
Timothy Kropp
Timothy Mclean
Timothy Riley
Tina Dabella-Dubois
Tina Dawson
Tina Hillman
Tina Pigg
Tina Stewart
Todd Baker
Todd Harrison
Todd Reasons
Todd Saddoris
Todd Shaw
Todd Tanis
Tom & Joann Mcmanamon
Tom Colvin
Tom Curran
Tom Ercoli
Tom Gonzales
Tom Heslop
Tom Mackey
Tom Van Buren
Tommy Boylan
Toni Dematteo
Toni Lashley
Toni Miller
Tony Eneix
Tony Massengill
Tracy Mcraven
Tracy Slavinsky
Travis Dunham
Travis Fisher
Travis Ochs
Travis Patrick
Travis Pedley
Travis Taylor
Tricia Hilliard
Trisha Anderson
Trisha Zacharias
Troy Lambert
Troy Phillips
Trudy Butler
Twila Eenigenburg
Ty Tucker
Tyler Fenton
Tylie Winters
Valerie Horvath
Vaughn Hayes
Vicki Lantz
Vickie Green
Victor Faulkner
Victor Furman
Victoria Foeri
Victoria Kelly
Victoria Rawley
Vincent Turner
Virginia Peters
Vonda Scears
W B Meredith
Wallace Daley Jr
Walter Barnett
Walter Dashuta
Walter Denton
Walter Dyson
Walter Kammer
Walter Peters
Walter Thompson
Walter Woodcock
Wanda Flowers
Wanda Schaefer
Ward Sutherland
Wayne Leidecker
Wayne Schultz
Wayne Searles
Wendell Crawford
Wendy Sender
Wesley Stokes
William Coleman
William Cook
William Cummings
William Doane
William Dull
William Duncan
William E. Lock
William Emmons
William Evans
William Griggs
William Guditus
William Hall
William Ink
William Mchargue
William Mead
William Meisner
William Mueller
William Oneill
William Owen
William Phillips
William Raccio
William Smith
William Thomas
William Thompson
William Tompkins
William Yonkoski
Yvonne Rudolf
Yvonne Schultz
Zoltan Fistes